Death Doula ~ Supporting the End of Life Journey

The ‘End of Life Journey’ is a powerful and unique experience that we shall all face one day.  Like life, this experience deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.

In a time where the ‘End of Life Journey’ is medicalised and clinical, more and more people are wishing to be at home surrounded by their loved ones.

A death doula, also referred to as a death midwife and death walker, is someone that provides support, guidance, advocacy, education and companionship to the dying and their family as they journey from diagnosis, end-of-life care and through to death and bereavement.

Their role is to also to assist the dying by giving the opportunity to die at home if that is their wish. Naturally, this is done in such a way that supports the needs of the individual and their family with compassion and practicality.

Many cultures around the world still honour this process of having their loved ones die at home with the care and dignity they so deserve, surrounded by family and community, and it’s becoming more and more acknowledged in Australia, the UK and North America.

A death doula can assist in the planning of the ‘End of Life Journey’ with such things as funeral arrangements, staying overnight, caring and keeping the dying company as well as having open conversations relating to end of life, death and grief.  A death doula is at Service…

“To die peacefully, with no unfinished business and surrounded by love is the most important thing to me.  It's the finishing touch to my life's journey”  Anonymous

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Compassionate Support & Care

I love supporting and getting to know people so that, together, we can achieve your goals and dreams.  I’m person-centred and consider myself to be calm, reliable, trustworthy, punctual, caring, patient and a great listener with a sense of humour.

I’ve been guiding and supporting people for over 30 years in the area of personal development, leading my own seminars and retreats (meditation, mindfulness, Reiki) and now, as a support worker, for the last 12 months.  Supporting people never feels like ‘work’ for me - it’s what life is about and what makes my heart sing!

I understand the importance of having freedom, choices when it comes to making decisions, a better quality of life and feeling empowered.  Therefore, your goals, dreams and aspirations are also important to me.  Together, as a team, let’s find the best way for you to realise these.  I will always listen and do my very best to support you on your journey.  If there is something that I/we don’t have the answers to, we’ll search and find them….

One of my greatest passions is laughter…I believe that laughter is the best medicine, and that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone smile.  I also believe that life is all about having freedom of choice and having enriching experiences.

Some of the ways in which I can support you:

  • With daily routines
  • Personal Care
  • Making and taking you to appointments
  • Accompanying you to places you’d like to go
  • Going for drives and outings
  • Shopping
  • Enjoying some relaxation at your favourite café or restaurant
  • Chatting and sharing special moments

I look forward to journeying with you…

*My fees are in line with NDIS’ scheduled support worker’s pay rates.

Making Dreams Come True!

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