About Michelle

About Michelle

Editor of ‘The Heart of the Enlightened Being’

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Member ASCH – Australian Society Clinical Hypnotherapists)

Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner + 30 years (Member Australian Reiki Connection)

Spiritual Guide and Educator

Seminar Leader

Transformational Teacher

Metaphysician & Spiritual Wellness Counsellor

End of Life Guide ~ Living With Dying

Disability and Aged Care Support


Background in finance, corporate account management, personal leadership and sales

For the past 30+ years, Michelle Nassner been dedicated to working with people internationally, assisting them to attain personal growth, self-empowerment and higher stages of consciousness.

Through extensive personal case studies and working with metaphysics (which means going beyond the physical, and looking at the cause of our beliefs, emotions and physical symptoms – please refer to Reiki page) clients have been able to attain their own insight and clarity into what is ‘not working for them’ and turn their lives around.

“When our Spirit and Soul are nurtured, we are more easily able to rejuvenate our Whole Being.” Michelle’s approach and style of practice is holistic, spiritual, compassionate, gentle and empowering.  She incorporates Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Metaphysics, NLP, Parts Therapy….and Spirit.

Michelle Nassner, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Metaphysician, Hypnotherapist
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