What Is Reiki?

Reiki translates as Universal Life Force Energy or Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. This Energy is all around us and flows through all living things.  Reiki is born out of the Source of all creativity, is spiritual in nature and is an Energy of Wholeness that cannot be separated or manipulated.  Reiki helps to increase and rebalance our energy flow, promoting wellbeing and inner-peace on every level (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) and accelerates our own ability to heal ourselves.  Reiki also enhances your sixth sense and spiritual insight

Reiki is the Love that’s in your Heart which flows through your Hands….

Reiki is a natural form of healing and is applied through non-invasive gentle touch.  It guides Itself through the divinely intelligent part of our being, our Higher Self.  It is, therefore, a safe method of spiritual healing and self-development that everybody can use and learn.  There is also no age limit – anyone can be initiated into Reiki (five years of age and older).

“A good place to start is in our hands...”  Eckhart Tolle


Reiki Hands of Light, Power of Love, Spirit, Energy

Healing Hands

Reiki Treatment, Hands of Light, Power of Love & Spirit

Reiki Hands-On

How Does Reiki Work ~ Hands-On & Distance Healing?

The energy by-passes the symptom and goes to the cause of the problem to allow healing to take place.  It fills the vibratory need and amplifies the homeostatic response of the body’s natural healing ability.  It restores harmony to the mind and invokes fulfilment of the spirit-soul.

Reiki addresses the divine genius in us that knows more about what is necessary for our healing than anybody else.  Reiki is a way to Self-Mastery, and healing is the gift you receive along the way.

One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities.  This simple, non-invasive healing system works with the Inner (Higher) Self to promote health and wellbeing of the entire physical, emotional and spiritual body.  Therefore, it is truly a system of attaining and promoting wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.

“The power of changing oneself lies not in the mind but in the body and feelings.”  G.I. Gurdjieff

Imbalances can be caused from many situations occurring in our lives, such as emotional or physical trauma, negative thoughts and feelings, including fear, worry, doubt and anger. Imbalances can also be caused from a destructive lifestyle or from relationships where there is a lack of love. Other imbalances can stem from a lack of self-love, self-worth, insecurities or depression.

When our Spirit and Soul are nurtured, we are more easily able to rejuvenate our Whole Being.

How Can Reiki Benefit You?

Reiki rebalances your energy levels and increases wellbeing on every level:


  • Case studies around the world have seen Reiki work on physical symptoms including serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer, tumours, liver and kidney problems, arthritis, asthma, migraines, backaches, burnout, fatigue-related symptoms, depression, general pain, etc.
  • Reiki strengthens the immune system and reminds the body of its natural healing ability.
  • Reiki is complementary to the medical profession and to alternative practitioners. Many nurses and doctors have taken the course.


  • Can relieve stress, chronic irritability, burnout and fatigue-related symptoms. It can ease depression and fear-related causes as well as addictions.
  • Reiki calms the mind and reminds us of our natural equanimity.
  • Promotes a stronger sense of Self, leading to greater confidence and creativity.
  • Increases Self-Love, Self-Respect and Self-Worth, leading to a more compassionate and caring attitude towards others and ourselves.


  • Identifies out-of-date belief systems and attitudes to promote change.
  • Increases intuition and mindfulness, leading to greater awareness
  • Increases concentration and helps to focus.
  • Promotes meaningful relationships beginning with Self.


  • Helps to discover your Inner True & Authentic Self.
  • Helps to discover your natural talent and direction in life.
  • Increases awareness during meditation.

Everybody can learn Reiki. It is amazingly simple, subtle and yet powerful. The ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense. It is transferred from Reiki Master to student via four energy transmissions.

Reiki Treatment, Hands of Light, Power of Love & Spirit

Wellbeing & Mindfulness

Consciousness, Mind, Success, Potential, Reiki, Hypnotherapy


Shaman, Light, Love, Freedom, Spirit, Healing
Source, Guiding Light, Spirit, Higher Self


Source, Consciousness, Energy, Oneness, Distance Healing

Metaphysics ~ Beyond the Physical

“I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details" Albert Einstein 

Reiki and Metaphysics (meaning beyond the physical) are a powerful combination, and this is a true passion of mine.  It helps us in our quest for truth, purpose and the meaning of our lives.

Personally, metaphysics has opened my eyes to a deeper level of understanding into ‘what is happening here and now’ by providing insight into the causation of my catalysts and symptoms, whatever they may be.  It also continues to bring humour into my journey of self-awareness and defuses any guilt, judgement and criticism.

A catalyst or symptom can be as simple as parking or speeding fines.  When these occur, the ‘life’ message from the universe may be as simple as “you’ve been sitting in the same space for too long – time to take the next step” and “slow down – focus on the here and now.”

Metaphysics “is a spiritual, scientific inquiry of the immaterial and explains a spiritual knowledge beyond what we call the physical realm” and “should not be seen as a philosophical belief system but as a possible translucent bridge to something greater.” Marcus Nassner – “The Heart of the Enlightened Being”

Looking at symptoms from a higher dimension, from the beyond, has been an imperative part of our work. It has been tremendously liberating for many people, and it has brought clarity and empowerment to many who decided to responsibly participate in their healing process.  Perhaps it’s time for you to become your own Metaphysician!

Metaphysics is a matrix you go through to experience greater Love and Awareness.

In the book ‘The Heart of the Enlightened Being’, written by Marcus Nassner and edited by me, there is a chapter on Metaphysics which goes into more detail.

Reiki Is Not

  • A religion or cult. Reiki is spiritual in nature and not religious.  Reiki is now practiced around the world, in many cultures where religious beliefs differ.
  • A form of mind control. Because Reiki is Spiritual in nature, It, therefore, cannot be manipulated.
  • A form of massage.
  • A psychic reading or means to invade others’ privacy.
  • A diagnostic aid – I do not diagnose, and I encourage people to follow medical advice.


Guiding Light, Reiki, Spirit, Integrity, Hypnotherapy

Reiki Principles

Consciousness, Power of Choice, Mindfulness

Just for today....Trust
Just for today….Have Compassion
Honour your parents, teachers, elders and Mother Earth
Be Honest with yourself and others
Be Kind, Loving and Grateful


Special Note:  These vary from the original Principles taught by Sensei Mikao Usui.  They have respectfully been modified to satisfy shifts in consciousness. 

Love, Reiki Healing Hands & Distance Healing
Consciousness, Reiki, Distance Healing
Love, Reiki Healing Hands & Distance Healing
Consciousness, Wisdom Teachings, Reiki. Distance Healing


"Michelle introduced me to Reiki healing in 2019, and since then I have never looked back. I am not only lucky enough to call her my friend, but she is also my spiritual coach. I am a registered nurse, and I have always believed there was more to healing than just medicine but was never sure what this was until I met Michelle and Reiki. I have since completed her level 1 Reiki course, and now have the energy in my own hands to give to myself and those around me that may need some extra care and grounding.

In recent times due to Covid, I have been unable to see Michelle, and desperately needed her energy and healing, so I have received an absent healing from her. This was the first time, and to sit and read her finding was a very emotional but healing process for me. I felt like she jumped right into my soul pulled out the negative energy that was holding me back. It was like I was sitting in the room with her.

I have been on my spiritual journey since meeting Michelle, and without a doubt, I am more grounded, calm, confident and have much more self-awareness regarding my triggers. I now have the tools to work through life’s challenges. I have a long way to go, but I am where I am today because of Michelle and Reiki."  Lisa Blyth, Registered Nurse, Brisbane

“I have known Michelle Nassner personally for over 30 years.  For the last 28 years I have also known Michelle as my Reiki Teacher.  Working with the Reiki energy during the seminars as well as one-on-one's, she has helped guide me through teachings I needed to work through including self-awareness, confidence, clarity and peace of mind. I am forever appreciative of her love and support over many years. I am forever grateful, thank you!”   Sarah C, IT Professional and Reiki Channel

“Reiki has greatly increased my self-awareness and confidence, therefore, enhancing my levels of communication and perception with others.  The tools of Reiki have guided me through many emotionally and physically hard times.  It is beautiful in its simplicity and empowering through its healing.”  Anna Waters, Clinic Manager, Murwillumbah.

“Reiki is Magic! It serves to relieve physical pains, heal emotional wounds, quiet the mental chatter, and soothe the soul. It makes you look inside instead of outside for answers. It says live life with love not fear. Michelle is both a high integrity energy healer and truly an inspirational teacher. Reiki should be mandatory in this chaotic, maniacal world of today!” Viki

“Reiki has been the beginning of a new life for me…Life with awakening and understanding.   It has helped me transform myself from a person with anger, pain, sadness and frustration to one with clarity about life and its beautiful and abundant gifts.  Reiki has opened channels to the latent powers within me giving me access to all that I desire in life.  I am grateful to my loving teacher, Michelle, for being instrumental through this journey. Through participation in Reiki seminars and workshops conducted by Michelle over the years, I learnt about the characteristics of different emotions and the structured process to their mastery. With her powerful teachings on metaphysics, I have increasingly been able to handle difficult personal and professional situations with great ease. I have recommended many of my family and friends experiencing physical and emotional pain to Michelle’s Reiki seminars for holistic healing through methodical approach.”  Gayatri Dhawan, Sydney

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